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Sell More Roofing Replacements

We provide the complete system to help you generate appointments with serious roofing customers.

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We build and maintain creative ads to generate leads.

Sales Video

We create an educational sales video to pre-sell leads on your behalf.

CRM System

We set up our CRM system to use automated text & emails to provide better customer service and pre-sell your prospects.


Monthly strategy sessions to review results and adjust campaigns for maximum profits.


We train your team to ensure you are getting the best results possible.

Past Lead Gen Case Studies

Buddy Smith

Russell’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Russell's generated $1.5Mil in directly tracked sales in 16 months from our program. They also felt a tangible improvement in their lead scheduling process with our automated solutions, and they grew from $10 million in annual sales to $15 million the next year!

Laymon Bowling

Better Choice Heating & Air Conditioning

Better Choice generated over $800k in Sales over 11 months on our program.

Don Johnson

Freedom Heating & Cooling

From sales leads, and a creative giveaway ad that we ran, Freedom was able to generate $750k in directly tracked results in just 8 months!

Chris Barrett

Capital City Heating & Cooling

Chris's company was stuck under $2 million in annual revenue for several years. He found himself digging for work to keep him & his team busy during slower season. After signing on with us in January of 2019, however, he grew to $2.9 million that year! He continued his growth and finished out 2020 with $3.3 million in total sales!

RECENT Case Studies

Daniel Stein

A to Z Kitchens

Generated 30 estimate projects so far as a result of our lead generation, sales video, and having customers book their own "Initial Phone Consultation." This was done with less than $3,000 in ad spend.

Brian Prendergast

Premier Home Remodels Ltd.

Generated $140,000 in sales with just $2,000 in ad spend.

Arnie Roeland

Roeland Home Improvers

Generated $165,000 in bathroom remodel sales at a 6.6% ad-spend-to-revenue ratio.

Hunter Lewis

Tradesman Construction

Generated 11 high-end basement finishing projects for a total of $343,426.00 in generated revenue, and a 4.6% ad-spend-to-revenue ratio.

About US

Peter Lewis (pictured above) started Roofer Scale  in July of 2021.

Our mission is to help good roofing companies find their ideal customers by advertising with creativity and integrity.

We look forward to working with you!

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Peter Lewis
Shiena Acenas
Implementation Specialist
Kate Lyka
Graphic Designer
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