About Us

What We Do

RooferScale is an advertising agency that gets paid on commission. Rather than charging a monthly management fee, we get paid on a performance basis by charging a commission percentage of revenue generated from the new customers we provide.

Why We Do It

Our vision is to run ads in a way that is 100% truthful and that delivers a positive experience to every person we reach. Rather than using misleading claims, fear of missing out tactics, or similar negative methods, we try to write our ads in a way that will put a smile on the face of the people we reach!

Core Values in Advertising:

1) Always tell the truth!
2) Brighten someone’s day :)
3) Keep the promises you make!

Work with RooferScale

If you are interested in working with RooferScale, let's start with a strategy call to determine if we would make good partners and have a profitable relationship. You can schedule a call here.